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FIRST STEP | Complete A ‘DCF’ data collection form!

The Data Collection Form will enable us to look at your goals and make recommendations of what you can do going forward from a finance perspective.  

Once we receive your fully completed form we:

  • Review current loans and structures

  • Assess borrowing capacity & if required how to improve this

  • Discuss types of strategies needed to achieve your goals

  • Highlight any areas of risk and suggest ways to mitigate these

  • Make recommendations to get you “Market Ready” 

Your consultation can now be arranged & you will be contacted shortly.

Please Note - The DCF (Data Collection Form) is not an application form, just an information gathering tool to analyse your situation.  All your information is kept private as per The Privacy Act 1988.

"The Success Network for Serious Property Investors"

At Investor Loans Network Gold Coast:

  • We do not sell property - we specialise in strategic finance

  • ​We're experienced real estate investors ourselves who fully understand an array of property investment strategies

  • ​We look at the big picture - your 1, 3,5, & 10 yr goals

  • We specialise in all aspects of residential and commercial finance. With our experience and understanding of lender credit & mortgage insurance (LMI) policies, servicing models, loan structures, lender exposure limits etc - we have the knowledge & expertise to get even the most unusual deals done!

  • We look at your current property portfolio including all loan facilities.  If your properties/loans are currently cross securitised/collateralised we may make recommendations for a restructure to increase your asset protection and minimise your risk

  • We will look at your current equity position to determine if there is available equity and that it can be released if required

  • Lenders are selected strategically to suit the specific requirements of the property and the strategy being implemented incorporating the correct finance structures.  Your strategy and future deals have to be considered to ensure you’re always able to move forward whilst minimising/avoiding cross securitisation keeping you in control of your assets

  • We look after your needs not the banks!  We’re here to educate and support you along the way assisting you in reaching your goals of manufacturing growth through property and acquiring a passive income​